The Effects of Music From Source


We created various short video’s and clips to show and explain the energy and effects of Music from Source. You can watch these on this page.

1-Creating a Sacred Space

2-Quieting the Mind

3-Releasing Blocks


Through your Higher Self, the intelligence and consciousness of the music is organically absorbed and provides what you need at this time.  
This music can directly help you by:

  • Cleansing your energy field and releasing blocks
  • Connecting with the Universal Source
  • Activating your Divine DNA
  • Supporting physical manifestation
  • Activating and strengthening the light body
  • Creating and cleansing a Sacred Space
  • Quieting the mind and letting go of all thoughts
  • Connecting with higher frequencies and energies
  • Connecting to your Spirit Family and Guides
  • Strengthening the zero point energy

We created various short video’s and clips to demonstrate and explain how the energy experienced in Music from Source can positively impact and enhance your well being.

Creating a Sacred Space with Music from Source

Quieting the Mind with Music from Source

Music from Source is meditation and connection. The music simply calibrates you. All you need to do is play the music. As long as the music plays, the energy will be available.  Tune into it and it will quiet the mind, expand your consciousness and bring a sense of well-being.


Releasing Blocks with Music from Source