Benefits for Classes, Health Care etc..


We offer you some suggestion how you can incorporate Music from Source in activities and professional use. This can be classes, health care, coaching, wellness work, education etc..In organizing classes, gatherings, meetings of one sort or the other you also can use this music. The energy in this music can support you and the attendees very gracefully and lovingly.


  1. Music from Source for Holding the space
  2. In guided meditations you lead
  3. Supporting Massage and Wellness
  4. Supporting Healing and Coaching
  5. Music from Source Daily Support Advice

1-Holding the space

You can play some music prior to a meeting and it will support you in setting the energy, cleansing the environment and holding the space. Of course depending on the purpose of that gathering or meeting your can select your supportive music and energies and play it.

2-In guided meditations you lead

A very powerful way to use Music from Source in your centre, profession or meetings is to use it with focus and intent. Intend and Focus gives direction and are creative energies. The music is made with intend and focus, but your intend gives it your quality and direction. For instance when you lead a guided meditation you can select music before hand that is bringing the intended energies and you can use that music in your meditation in various ways and combinations:

  • Before and after: just gracefully for relaxing, setting the space and raising the energy you can play one or more pieces with the intend that the attendees let go of disturbing energies, stress, distraction and will be in the moment and connected.
  • Playing in between – You can select pieces, that supports your guided meditation and provide an experience (and by using fade out shorten them as needed). The beauty of this music is that it is bypassing language. No talking but sound and therefore other parts of out Human experience will be activated which is important in a meditation. Also this music can support you in bringing and holding a specific energy.
  • Doing the guided meditation over the music, having the sound very soft in the background. This way of using the music is also possible. We have some examples on our website in which you can feel how beautiful the music can support you in creating and holding an energy in a guided meditation. You can check a piece of music and use that for you meditation. Use your own guidance to feel where the energy in the music is taking and supporting you. But you ca also use the titles and short description of the tracks to be guided in your meditation.

3-Supporting massage and wellness

Practitioners in massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, energy work and healing etc… can use Music from Source. Selecting pieces with the energy you like and  that feels appropriate for during a therapy session or treatment will add to your work. Using this music will expand the energy of your work to a universal level and connectedness. The energy and consciousness in the music is multi dimensional, that means that it will support all universal related innate structures and frequencies in an organic and graceful way. Just by playing the music during your session, even very soft boost your work and expands it to new level. The energy translated in music always works via your Spirit Self and of the others and will always be supportive in a beneficial way.

4-Healing and Coaching

Another option is the use of Music from Source in healing and coaching. Imagine doing a healing session and during that session in the background you play very soft and gentle tracks of Music from Source. You can also use specific tracks of music that translates the intended or needed energies and play them during your work as a support. Or you can put the music on and do a small meditation with a client to let him or her experience and integrate energies. All options you choose will be beneficial especially when you create a sphere of openness and connection with the spirit self and with Source. You can support the use of the music with an intention, for example:

Create a sacred space and make your connection to source and your Spirit Self.

  • I ask and intend to receive energies to ……………… and intend to be fully open and receiving for this energy
  • I ask and intend to let go of all feeling of ………. And all conscious, sub consciousness and cellular energies, believes and thoughts that are blocking my health
  • I ask and intend to feel good, happy, present and aligned.
  • And so it is.

5-Music from Source as a daily prescription to build a rhythm for self-love attention 

Like changing cloths, taking a shower or brushing tees, paying attention to our mental, physical and spiritual health is important. Music from Source is an easy way to to support your clients to built around a rhythm of relaxing, connection and expansion on a daily basis. This format can be supportive for you clients as a structure and easy routine in building a daily rhythm for taking some time for themselves and focus on their well being. By doing this regularly in due time it will become for them a normal day to day rhythm. You can advice your clients to purchase an album and use some of the tracks as follow:

  1. Choose some pieces of Music from Source you like. ……………….
  2. Play every morning and every evening 5 to 15 minutes of your liking (set a time and hold on to that so it will become a habit)
  3. Before using the music set your intend to ……….

Try to be open en just enjoy the experience.