Benefits from MFS in Private Use

 Benefits from MFS in Private Use    

Music bypasses language and analytical thinking and provides a wealth of benefits from pure enjoyment to emotional satisfaction and energetic support. For individual use there are additional benefits such as:

  1. Background music holding your space
  2. Relaxing and stress release
  3. Using Music from Source in your meditations
  4. For a specific intent or purpose

1-Background Music Holding Your Space

Just having this music on as background music will make a difference. Whether you are in your house, office, car, garden or any environment where you can play it, it will bring its clean energies and pure qualities into your space. This music holds you in a pure and high vibration just by playing it.

2-Relaxing and Stress Release   

Just playing the music will create an atmosphere that helps you feel more at ease and relaxed. However, you can increase this pleasant state by:

  • Breathing slowly and deeply, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.
  •  While breathing, imagine the sounds carrying energy and light. Then, allow that energy and light to flow through your body helping you to release tension, exhaustion, pain, or stress.
  • Just flow with the music.

3-Using Music from Source in Your Meditations

There are infinite ways by which you can use Music from Source and benefit upmost from its energy in your life and (daily) meditation. You can follow your own feeling and guidance in what works best for you at a specific moment, or try one of the following suggestions:

Creating a Sacred Space

By creating a private sanctuary, you will keep away distractions and honor your own energy and consciousness. Say these words:

  •  I ask and intend to create a Sacred Space now.
  •  I ask and intend to feel the energy of my Divine Creator in my physical body and my Sacred Space.
  •  I ask and intend that my Spirit Self and only those Spirit Guides of the highest light, healing, wisdom and love energy be present and in my Sacred Space.
  •  I ask and intend that the energies, thoughts and entities that are distracting or not aligned with my highest good be banned from my experience and Sacred Space now.
  •  I ask and intend that my mind quiet down and I experience stillness and peace within this Sacred Space.
  •  And so it is.

Connecting to Source

This is a way to strengthen your connection to your Universal Essence.  Say these words:

  • I ask and intend to connect to Source and the energy of my Creator now.
  • I ask and intend to bring Source Energy into my physical body and in this physical space.
  • I ask and intend to feel the energy of Source fill my entire being now.
  • I ask and intend that the energy of Source restore my wellbeing, physically, emotionally and spiritually now.
  •  And so it is.

Expanding to your Spirit Self

Raise your frequency and consciousness in order to merge with your Spirit Self.  It is here that you will receive guidance and have more focus in manifesting and creating your life.

  •  I ask and intend to raise my frequency to be in full communication with my Spirit Self. (Imagine a large sphere of light around you)
  •  I ask and intend to merge with my Spirit Self and feel its presence and guidance.
  •  I ask and intend to be completely open to my Spirit Self and to let go of all misaligned energies and beliefs that block my full connection to my Spirit Self.
  • And so it is.

For more meditations and invocations, see:  Cory, C (2005). God Among Us: Inside the Mind of the Divine Masters. OMnium Books.

4-For a Specific Purpose

You can use Music from Source for a specific purpose or intent. Some examples are: healing disease, balancing your energy, improving your creativity, cleansing the body or environment, and detoxing. You can accomplish this in a couple of ways. First, you can select music from the categories that specially addresses your area of concern or interest. For instance, select music from the “Supporting Physical Health Series” that specifically deals with a health issue. Second, you can use any piece of Music from Source and then set your personal intent.

You are the Creator of your life, experience and reality. Establishing your intent and focus is what creates your life. Asking and Intending is a creative formula helping you to sustain focus and clarity in what you want. The energy in the music will support that intention.

Setting the Intent 

First create a Sacred Space and Connect to Source and your Spirit Self.  Then say:

  • I ask and intend to receive energies to …(ex: open my heart)……… and I intend to be fully open to receiving this energy.
  • I ask and intend to let go of all feelings of …(ex: fear, sadness)……. I release it from my conscious, sub-consciousness and cellular memories, and any beliefs or thoughts that are blocking me or this intention.
  • I ask and intend to feel good, happy, present and aligned.
  • And so it is.

You can also set your intent and focus more as follow:

Take a few deep breathes and say or think:

  • I ask and intend to create a pure and strong Sacred Space and that all disturbing thoughts, energy and information is leaving my space now. (Take some slow breaths in and out).
  • I ask and intend to be connected to Source in the center of this Universe. 
  • I ask and intend to bring Source energy into my body and energy. 
  • I ask and intend to release all conscious, sub-conscious and cellular misaligned energies of ……………… (name the feeling you want to release) so I will be open to fully receive the energies from Source and feel relaxed, clear and focused. 
  • I ask and intend to be open for the energetic support offered me through my connection to Source and in this music for receiving …..(ex. healing, releasing, creating or manifesting.) .
  • And so it is.