What is Music from Source

Dia13Music from Source is a unique way of translating multidimensional energy and consciousness into an audible form. It is easily accessible, helps people connect to their essence, to Universal Source and to the living consciousness of galaxies, the universe and beyond.

Music from Source is Universal Consciousness

What is special about Music from Source is that the sound and music are a direct translation of Universal Consciousness and energy: it is pure, multidimensional energy. Traditional music consists mainly of organized and composed sounds holding the composer’s consciousness.  As beautiful as it may sound, energetically it is limited to the planetary level.

Music from Source, on the other hand, is based on Universal Consciousness which is translated into sound.  It transfers frequencies and energies which were often difficult for people to access. These energies and frequencies can be easily absorbed by the energy field or body which has a powerful and positive effect on the listener.

Unique healing functions and beneficial effects

When approached and used in this way, music is much more than the vibrating air and architecture of beautiful sounds. Sound made from a Universal Consciousness is filled with holographic information. This energy can contain an infinite amount of layers and aspects, each with a unique healing function, beneficial effect and influence.

Music from Source can tap into planetary energy, which is linked not only to our planet and earthly nature, but to the human body and energy fields of the earth. It can also express galactic energy, which is linked to our solar system, our galaxy and one or multiple galaxies. Galactic energy has it’s own unique vibration and energy spectrum.  And finally, it embodies universal energy, which is again different and more complex than planetary and galactic energy. It originates from the center of our universe, or from large universal beings with massive consciousnesses.

It is Pure Energy

Composers and musicians of traditional music express their musical style, preference and personality in their music. In Music from Source there is no role for the personality. The musician of Music from Source is the carrier of the consciousness; they “tune into” this consciousness and translate it into sound without interference from their personality.

Traditional music invokes or expresses an atmosphere. Music from Source is multidimensional energy and consciousness. Every time the music plays, a whole new aspect of this energy expresses itself in time and space. While traditional music is made to invoke an atmosphere and feeling, Music from Source focuses on the consciousness and energy that is being expressed.

Supports consciousness development and healing

Music from Source supports the consciousness development and healing of the listener; it cleanses, transforms, connects and expands consciousness. Traditional music doesn’t focus on this at all. Ordinary music is simply listened to, or is present like “musical wallpaper.”

The listener can become completely aware of Music from Source as pure energy and consciousness, which can be absorbed completely, and can permanently change the listener (depending on their own free will and receptivity).