Bio – Dr. Frits Evelein

I work as a musician and teacher of the New Paradigm. My creations and work are focused on the manifestation and integration of Source energy and Universal Consciousness on the Earth and humanity. My current focus of activity is composing Music from Source and bringing forth New Education concepts. I envision an earth and humanity purely connected to the Universal Source and humans manifesting, creating in an awakened and conscious way from this alignment. All my creations – may it be music and art, education, science, healing etc… – are focused on expressing the New Paradigm and supporting this transformation and awakening on the earth and in humanity.


Please contact me with any questions. I am especially interested in co-creating new projects such as film music or albums for specific groups (children, yoga groups etc) so please contact me if you are interested in working with me on this.

I have been teaching master classes on education for many years. I am planning to start running events such as lectures, master classes and workshops specifically on music from source. If you are interested in hosting such an event please contact me directly using this form.

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