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This practical course supports you in 7 weekly episodes to purify your energy, keep your vibration high and expand your consciousness. Each episode has a theme that focuses on the direct experience of your own energy and consciousness. Practical daily use, step by step and with a tangible energetic result.

The topics in these 7 weeks are per week:

1.    Energetic hygiene with the Light Shower

2.    Cleaning your physical environment energetically and keeping it clean

3.    Your Sacred Space (3 episodes)

       a. Introduction: what is a Sacred Space?

       b. Experiencing and exploring your Sacred Space

       c. Cleaning your Sacred Space with the “revolving door method”

4.    Cleaning Your Sacred Space (2 episodes)

       a. Cleaning your Sacred Space with a Zero Point

       b. Removing attachments and energy from others

5.    Erasing old thoughts

6.    Silence your thoughts

7.    Aligning Your Mind Channels

Each week a new theme

Each lesson with its topics is created in such a way that you can practice its theme in the guided meditations with music during one week. In this way you build a strong basis for that topic. You receive the next lesson after a week.



Introduction video

Each class starts with of a short introduction of 5 to 10 minutes.After completing this introduction you get access to the guided visualization with music.

Guided visualization extended

After the introduction video, you get access to the guided visualization with music. In this you can experience the energy and consciousness. Also, it supports you to get gradually used to working with this tool and these energies. The music plays an important role in holding you the energy and connection.

Short version of the guided visualization

After you completed the guided visualization you get access to the short version (some classes don’t have a shorter version). This version is to be used in between and after gained anough practice. It makes it also possible to combine various short visualizations with music to longer meditations with building up a specific energy and connection.

Download MP3

For each lesson, you can additionally purchase a download version of the guided meditations and/or the music only. You will find a button that leads to mp3 in each class.




Personal Reflective Coaching

In a personal reflective session we look together at questions and experiences you have from the broader perspective of your Higher Self and your Universal Self. Central to this is experiencing more of a deeper connection with your timeless essence and making contact with your innate inspiration and creative possibilities that are dormant in you. The coaching is focused on inspiration and new perspective. The activation and concrete use of your qualities and new vision is explicitly addressed.

We can conclude the conversation with a number of concrete steps and intentions that will help you on your way to actively develop and experience new possibilities.

A personal reflective coaching is not a healing session aimed at solving physical complaints and blockages (for this I would like to refer you to Hyacintha Kraidy who is specialized in this field).

Meditate sitting straight

It is advised to meditate and do your connections sitting on a chair. The reason for that is that the energy can flow through feet into the earth and to the planet’s core. And so your unique universal connection can be shared with the planet and benefits all.



Use a good headphone

To have a good energetic and sonic experience it is advised to use a good headphone on connect your computer to a good hifi-audio system.



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