Music for Your Classes, Meditations, Therapy, Healing etc…

Using Music from Source in your therapy, classes, yoga, massage, meditation or other project is a great support. It will help you raising the vibration to a high level and expand your work with the support of Multi Dimensional energy and Universal Consciousness. Please contact me for options, licensing and special creation.

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Music from Source can be used in any situation, any time and in any circumstance, it always brings beneficial energies and expands the consciousness of people present to a higher level of functioning. The music translates in a natural and organic way multi dimensional energies and frequencies that easily and effortlessly can be absorbd. While giving a massage, doing a guided meditation, relaxing in a spa, supporting people with a therapy etc.. in any of those situations this music adds to the energy. Please contact me for option to use Music from Source or to ask for special made pieces fitting your need and that of your clients.

In this clip spoken in Dutch you hear an introduction on a guided meditation followed by a meditation. The music composed to it is Music from Source.

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