Music for Your New Paradigm Education


I am making special music to be used in the development of New Paradigm education supporting the integration of Universal Consciousness and universal Aligned consciousness expansion and learning. This can be short relaxing music, full brain activation, cleansing, clearing, connecting, retrieving information, supporting creativity, promoting focus etc… all in sound. This can be combined with multi-media and with all kind of educational tools, materials and structures that support educators and organizations in starting with this new Paradigm education materials. Please contact me with your requests and ideas.
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We are currently creating various product and structures to promote New Paradigm Education. Music is a unique expression bypassing the analytical mind. Music from Source translates Universal Consciousness and Multi Dimensional energies into sound. These energies are easy to experience and absorb and in this way are the new way of learning and teaching. Watch this small presentation and Music on the new Science of Consciousness, from Deb Sorkins project in Applied Science of BioSymbiotic & Consciousness Studies. The music is Music from Source and the approach brought in the Video is also basic for the New Paradigm Education and Learning. Screen shot 2013-07-04 at 1.10.41 AM




This Video is an introduction by Caroline Cory on New Education. The presentation starts with a short tune of Music from Source supporting an energetic cleansing and raising the vibration.