Personalized Music

Dia07You can ask me to compose a special piece of music for you that translates your Unique Divine Consciousness, Formulas and Divine DNA into sound. Every time you listen to this piece you are supported in the integration, and manifestation of who your really are .

Through a process of merging with your Higher Self I translate your multi dimensional Divine Formulas into sound. On contact this music supports you in expanding your human consciousness and experience in resonance with your Divine Nature. I can create various formats for you according to your needs and possibilities.

  1. A piece: a personalized piece of music (about 5 to 8 minutes) to support your connection with your Higher Self (Investment A = € 300,–) and a personalized ringtone
  2. A set of total 20 minutes of music that you can use as a meditation to merge deeper into your Being. (Investment B = € 750,–) and a personalized ringtone
  3. Five to seven tracks  that cover various aspects of your being, lineage, guidance and connection combined to a deep musical meditation for an extended Universal Calibration. (Investment C = € 1200,–) and a personalized ringtone

In option B and C you can listen to each piece separately according to how this feels to you at a given moment. Different request or wishes are also possible and you can contact me. Write me an email with your request and I will respond to you,

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A personal Music Piece with Music from Source made for you is a translation of your Divine Essence and consciousness. The music supports in a powerful and very unique way your spiritual integration and ascension process. The music is pure multi dimensional consciousness and energy and by this it holds al frequencies that are the totality of your being and your divine essence. Every time you listen to your music your human body and energy starts to resonate with your universal consciousness and this is so gradually integrated and supporting your awakening. The music and energy always co-creates with your Spirit Self. So only that will be allowed to happen and shift that is perfectly aligned with your highest good. A personalized pieces translates very powerful your Divine Consciousness filled with love and the other universal principles and supports in a graceful way your awakening and ascension. The length of this kind of piece will be around 20 to 30 minutes and is an expanded piece of meditative music holding your Divine Formula.