Angelic presence 5: Divine Mother Elixer



This an album with Loving energy that fills you with a soft presence of the liquid light of the Divine Mother. This Spirit energy support deep sense of peace, healing, release and connectedness. It embraces you with deep love, grace, trust and motherly care.

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You can enjoy this music while listening, or just play is softly in a back ground so it will hold you in a gentle energetic space. It is also very helpful to use the energy in this music to support you in your meditations.

You can experience or visualize the energy translated in the sounds as living Source Consciousness and light. Ask it to flow gently through your body toughing every organ and cell with its liquid energetic Divine Mother Elixer.

This music is also supportive during sleep (play it very soft – almost inaudible in your room and it still will bring its energy)



1 Presence of Pure Light        6:08    

2 Liquid Light Drops 4:04                

3 Heart Opening         4:08                

4 Waves of Healing Light      5:22    

5 Angelic Voices        5:58                

6 Silver Drops of Divine Elixer         5:32    

7 Elevation      6:08    

8 Drifting        5:56    

9 Light Drops of Goodness   5:24    

10 Unification 7:14   

11 Pure Essence         6:10    

Beluister hieronder alle samples achterelkaar – je vind alle Angelic Albums als 1 playlist zodat je uren muziek kunt beluisteren door ze achterelkar af te spelen.


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