M04 – Spine and Nerve System


Calibration of the Spine and Nerve System to Universal Consciousness This music will allow you to clear blocks in your spine, peripheral and central nervous system and realigns the nervous system with the vibration of Source.


This music supports also the releasing of blocks for all neurological disorders. It addresses and reverses mental, emotional and energetic blocks in the spine and nervous system and realigns the nervous system with the vibration of Source. 

The energy in this music unfolds through the various tracks.

1 The music starts with supporting you to relax and create a pure and protective energy space around you. It also helps you to focus on a clear intent for the healing and expansion you want to experience and receive.

2 The next part of the music brings a flow of pure Source energy to you and connects your body, energy and human experience completely to Source. You are receiving the rich and full energy of Love from Source that raises the vibration in your body in a deep and graceful way. It purifies, adjusts and opens you up completely to receive the Source connection in all cells and your complete energy field. This energy connects you through your feet to the Core of the earth, comes back from the earth through your feet, and flows to your head back to Source.

3 This graceful piece of music brings to you energy that is helping cleanse and realign your brain, spine and your entire nerve system. It flows through you, sending tones of pure energies to areas that need attention and cleansing. It brings a bright spectrum of purity to you in a very beautiful way.

4 This next phase in the music is helping you release discomfort from your nerve system, spine, brain and physical body. It holds you in an embracing presence so you can organically let go of all sorts of tensions and misalignment. It also softly showers the “stuck” parts so they loosen, transmute and are healed.

5 This soft opening and loving music embraces you with all kinds of light as it flows in waves of tender energy through your body. This energy is connecting you to the Earth grid. A magnificent geometric structure of pure Universal Consciousness 4.500 – 6.210 miles above the earth.

6 This expanded part of the music holds you in energy that is calibrating your nerve system to its optimal aligned formulas and functioning. Through this calibration it starts vibrating on a much higher frequency and healthier way. It integrates this energy and information and will, through time, manifest this physically.

7 This track in the music is bringing you the energy for releasing the fear to ascend. Ascension is a state of consciousness expansion by with you reach a permanent alignment with Source and holds the highest frequency in your body and energy fields. It is the completion of your human cycle and awakening to Who You Really Are in you human life and experience.

8 This last part of the music deep, universal energy is calibrating your nerve system in pure alignment with Source and supporting it to integrate the received energies, and ground it into your body and the earth.

1.Relaxing, creating a sacred space and setting the intent 3:20
2.Connecting to Source and Receiving the Love from Source 5:54
3.Cleansing and realigning the Brain, Spine and your entire Nerve system 2:56
4.Releasing discomfort from your nerve system, spine, brain and physical body         11:39
5.Spheres of healing Light flowing into your body connecting you to the Earth grid 12:33
6.Calibrating your nerve system           12:24
7.Releasing the fear to ascend and replacing it with focus on Who I Really Am 6:24
8.Light from Source calibrating your nerve system, grounding you in Universal Consciousness 2:39