Crystee Daveen – the purifying room – Short Story


This album is a shorter version of the book “The Purifying Room” spoken by Kaiyann Isa with Music From Source composed by Frits Evelein. It is told in such a way that it will take you on your very own journey into The Purifying Room.

The healing method used in this book is based on the OMnium Method. Discover How you can purify your body and energy field of blocks and misaligned energy, and truly begin to awaken to your true divine essence. Many details described in the book have purposely been left out of this audio version. The intention is for you to be able to allow your own imagination to create your personal unique experience each time you listen to it.
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When Crystee was 6 years old, Zareena told her it was “time to leave”. Crystee would no longer be able to see her spirit guide, but she would still be there to guide and protect her. At first Crystee felt sad and left alone, because she had no idea how to connect with her golden friend again. One night in a dream, Zareena told Crystee that all she had to do was ASK. By asking and intending to receive guidance, Zareena would be able to reappear when Crystee needed her guide to be there.That is when Crystee began to write letters to Zareena. In her letters, Crystee would describe the questions she had and the things that she was wondering about. Crystee is very sensitive and doesn’t always understand why things happen the way they do. All she wants is to know, is what is really TRUE? Her own thoughts are based on love. The way she sees others and the world, are through eyes which always notice the beautiful and brightest aspects first, and what makes someone unique. That makes daily issues in life quite confusing at times, and Crystee just doesn’t get what all the chaos is about. Zareena helps Crystee to get clarity on the issues she wonders about.

In this story “The Purifying Room”, Crystee’s intention is to learn to understand the language of her body. The two friends go on a magnificent adventure together. They discover a very special place in the universe and meet  amazing Beings for the first time. They are so loving and wise, and they guide Crystee in her process to understand what her body is trying to tell her.

For the reader It’s a journey about self-discovery, where you can begin to understand more about the created blocks we carry in our physical bodies and how we are able to free ourselves of these blocks which are covering our bright shining light!

This story will be presented as a total concept where anyone with children or anyone who works with children, will be able to assist them in turning this story into a personal experience which will be of great value to each individual.

The sound track with Music From Source only is also available. It’s fun to use this music to accompany parents, teachers and all the other storytellers while reading the book out loud with children.  This story is for children from age 8-12, however even the younger ones, and older ones, teens and adults love it too! Open up your heart and dive into this magnificent cosmic adventure!


1 Crystee and Zareena

2 Communicating by heart

3 A letter to Zareena

4 The transport beam

5 The Universal Transport Station

6 The many different transport systems at the station

7 A massive portal made of pure gold

8 Zareena communicates with the light-beings

9 Infinite space in the purifying room

10 The Mirror

11 Light body

12 I ask and intend to understand the language of my body

13 Becoming aware of energetic blocks

14 I ask and intend to create a sacred space

15 I ask and intend to raise my vibration

16 A new discovery

17 Zareena’s message

18 Surrounded by light-beings

19 Releasing and dissolving blocks

20 A crystal clear pure body of light

21 The three light-beings

22 The gift of forgiveness

23 The gift of remembering who you really are

24 Golden glittering beams of light radiate from Crystee’s heart

25 The gift of feeling at home where ever you are

26 Journey back to Earth




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