Gift Cards and paintings


Give an original Music from Source present to a loved one or a friend and for a celebration. With this gift card you receive a coupon code with a value of €22,50 (you pay €20,–) that can be used for any album or product on this website. The coupon code will be emailed to you after you have bought the gift card. You can print this card and write the coupon code on it. The code can be used 1x and is non-refundable. When you have questions please contact me.



Some Music from Source gift suggestions:












Additional gift suggestions are the beautiful paintings (A5 21/15 cm and A4 29/21 cm format) made by Maria Evelein made with oil crayons on paper. Each translates a very unique Cosmic Energy and Intend. They are all created in a meditative state using the OMnium Method for consciousness expansion and Connecting to Source. Surrounding you with these visual Source energies is elevating the energy in your space.

These paintings vary in price between €50,– and €70,– (incl. Vat and excl. shipping) please contact


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