Free Introduction Course – OMnium Masterclasses


This is a free introductory course in 7 short parts using the high fequencies of Music from Source, supporting you in profound experiences of your higher consciousness and energy. Every part takes up about 10 to 15 minutes and can be done es an exercise to start you day with a focus on an important aspect in your life.

The themes are:

  1. What is consciousness and experience consciousness   
  2. Connecting to the Source
  3. Your Energy Field – Your Sacred Space
  4. What is your Higher Self and experience your Higher Self
  5. Ask your Higher Consciousness and set your intend          
  6. Energetic Blocks and releasing them
  7. The new earth and new cosmic energies       



  1. Juan Munoz (verified owner)

    Excellent course is very complete to understand the mechanics of how to start working with music from source and reach the maximum potential of contact with the source. the musical pieces are fantastic that allow you to easily connect.

    Since 2012 I have been working with your music and it has allowed me to improve many aspects of my life, Well-being, Business and economy. It has also been a great support and the same support for my little son Maximiliano who sleeps every day with your incredible pieces of music from the source helping him to be calm and safe.

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