M20 – Brain Alignment, New Paradigm


M20 – The Brain 3 – Supporting your Brain Channel Alignment and Manifesting the New Paradigm. This music translates Universal Consciousness and energy and supports your Brain and Consciousness with unique frequencies from the Source of Creation.


The energy in this music cleanses and purifies your brain, your mind and the channels in your brains. You have three brain channels that have specific functions and qualities in retrieving information and holding complex forms of connectedness and consciousness. The first connects you to the earth grid – the energetic grid structure around the earth, the second to the galactic grid, and the third to the universal grid. This music helps you in releasing old energies and programming and brings new frequencies that supports your mind channels to tap into the higher frequencies of the new earth grid which is the New Universal Consciousness on the earth. This energy grounds you in a “new default setting” so that you begin to think, react, vibrate on a new level of awareness and begin to actively create and manifest new visions and ideas for the new paradigm on earth.

The energy in the music unfolds through the tracks.

1. This first part of the music supports you in relaxing, quieting your mind and brings you the support of a pure and clean sacred space. It also helps you in allowing to increase your alignment and set your intent.

2. You receive the energy that is connecting you to the Consciousness of divine beings and energies. These beings are the First Divine Son, First Life Architect, First Archangel, each representing a specific creative Universal energy from Source. The energy is supporting you in holding your intent to create your new reality from this Universal connection.

3. In this part of the music you are receiving new geometric encodings that support your system to align. These geometric energies are like tiny clusters of formulas for the creation. This energy is supporting you in creating the new paradigm absorbed especially in your heart and chest.

4. In this track the energy of liquid purple light is translated. This light is absorbing the old paradigm programming and information that is present in your body and energy field. This light changes into silver blue light of the consciousness of the First Life Architect.

5. A ball of light with the consciousness of the new “divine paradigm” is in this music, surrounds you and merges with your Spirit Self – holding you in perfect alignment.

6. The ball of light around you is expanding and connected to a beam of light to Source. This is the center of Pure Light, Love, Truth, Beauty, Goodness and Infinite New Creation.

7. In this part the Creative force from Source – pure white light – is filling your sphere , entire body and embracing you.

8. In this last part of the music you are supported in integrating and grounding the new Creative Consciousness in waves of light in your body and into the earth.

1. Relaxing, quieting the mind quiet, creating a protective space, setting the intent 4:39
2. Calibration to the Universal Consciousness of pure Love 3:44
3. Receiving new geometric encodings 7:20
4. Support by Universal Consciousness 6:55
5. Receiving the new paradigm consciousness 2:37
6. Receiving the energy of Love, Truth, Beauty and Goodness 5:09
7. Creative force from Source is filling your sphere and entire body 5:28
8. Integrating and grounding the new Creative Consciousness 6:42