M25 – Improving Sleep and Balance


M25 – Improving your Sleep and Balance. This music brings deep and lovingly energies that support you in overcoming sleep disorders by addressing the energetic root causes.



Many causes for sleep disorders are related to many kinds of imbalances that will be gradually released by the consciousness in this music. The imbalances that will released vary from psychological such as destructive thinking and beliefs, negative imprinting and experiences, and misaligned influences from the collective consciousness. Also subconscious blocks concerning beliefs about sleep, darkness, the moon, night and convictions on sleep that you may have received from the collective consciousness will be addressed by the energy and consciousness in this music. Also the healing and rebalancing of chemical processes and imbalances in your physical body, the brain, endocrine system, and your metabolism. These exposed influences will be gracefully addressed and released in co-creation with your Spirit Self. Influences of electro-magnetic changes and shifts, earth changes, geophysical shift and patterns from the moon and earth can be influential for sleep disorders and will also be undone and released. Important-the energy in this music is activating your pineal gland in adjusting to the new universal information now available to you.

The energy unfolds through the tracks

1. This music brings deep breathing and relaxation, creating a pure protective energy space around you and support in setting your intent.

2. Loving Light from Source flowing gracefully through your whole body. This energy supports the electricity in your brain to function optimally. Gradually, it raises the vibration of all your organs as it gently flows through your body.

3. A pure consciousness and high frequency of bright silver and white light support your nervous and endocrine system. These systems are very important for your balance. Unconsciousness negative beliefs and low vibrations cause imbalances and distortion. This cleansing and healing taking place in this area carries high vibrations. Gradually you nervous system and endocrine system can function with the higher vibration.

4. Beliefs and confusion about earth patterns are common when you realize that your essence is pure consciousness – as in a sphere where there is no time / space experience. In this music, confusion and beliefs about sleep patterns and the earth rhythms will be addressed, transformed and replaced by new aligned energies.

5. This music supports you in bringing geometric energy. This pure, high frequency is based on Universal principles of which your energy and body is made. Visualize yourself standing in an octagonal beam of light that is adjusting you to the earth new patterns of day and night time. This adjustment awakens the innate memory of alignment in your system.

6. The graceful and gentle part of this music supports you in releasing old programming and beliefs about sleeping and sleep patterns. This programming is built up in your system and are also part of the collective consciousness of humanity. This does not serve you, so these will be transmuted and replaced by energy that supports you.

7. This gentle and loving music addresses your time experience. It supports you in releasing old programming and adjusting to a new and aligned time experience.

8. In the quiet and softness of this track, old beliefs about the moon and lunar cycles– that are part of the collective–are addressed. Deep unconscious fears, programming and beliefs about the lunar cycles belonging to the old earth are deleted and replaced by new pure and loving energy.

9. The flowing part in this music is helping you to release old programming and strengthen your intent to replace it with new energy from Creator, Source and pure Love.

10. The music continues with even deeper releasing and cleansing by bringing pure and lovely waves of music and energy to you. Layers of old fears and programming are released and replaced with new aligned energy.

11. In this track you will receive new energy from Source that helps your brain in adjusting to sleep and the light. There is a bi-pyramid structure around the pineal gland releasing and reprogramming the brain, pineal gland and endocrine system.

12. This last track of music helps you with new energy and vibration from Source and calibrates the pineal gland, brain and endocrine system.


1. Deep relaxing, creating a sacred space and setting your intent 3:56

2. Light from Source flowing through your body  8:44

3. Bright silver and white light supporting your nervous and endocrine system 6:48

4. Receiving new energy for sleep patterns and the Earth rhythms 3:36

5. Healing light adjusting you to the new Earth patterns of day and night time 6:20

6. Reaching new energy to have aligned sleeping and sleep patterns 2:14

7. Energy that adjusts you to an aligned time experience 3:48

8. Releasing fears, programming and beliefs about old lunar cycles 7:06

9. Receiving pure Love from Creator 3:16

10. Gentle and soft light with new aligned energy 3:04

11. Source energy for aligned sleep and the light patterns in your brain 4:54

12. Love and light from Source in the pineal gland, brain and endocrine system 4:00