M26 – Supporting Healing of Allergies


M26 – Supporting the Healing of Allergies. This music translates a broad spectrum of healing energies for allergies. Especially the sinuses and the respiratory systems are addressed. Allergies can have many causes but mostly imbalance and overflow of emotions.



This music translates a broad spectrum of healing energies for allergies. Especially the sinuses and the respiratory systems are addressed. Allergies can have many causes but mostly imbalance and overflow of emotions. These will be addressed in conscious, sub conscious and cellular levels. Also physical and chemical causes, food, product and materials, polluted air you breath can be harmful and create allergic reactions and patterns, these also will be addressed in this music. Basically deep emotional problems are often the root causes for allergic reactions such as “not wanting to participate in this human atmosphere and energy field” or “not feeling part of this planetary creation”. These make your body react this way. All these will be in a gentle and graceful way addressed through this music and in co-creation with your spirit self be released, healed and reprogrammed.

The energies in this music are built up through the tracks.

1-This opening part of the music is supporting you to relaxing, breath deeply and fully, and experience a clean energetic space around you. Having this space is important it helps you to stay in your own connection and energy. You are also supported in setting your intend for the healing you want.

2-In this track the energy from Source in the form of silver and white light is flowing gently and gracefully into and through your body. It embraces you completely and gracefully raises the frequency of your completely body to the frequency of Source.

3-Vibration and energy with a universal connection can appear in various ways like forms of light. Here cleansing, healing and relaxing light flows through your lungs, stomach and digestive tract and releasing and replacing misaligned believes. It supports you in letting go of these lower frequencies that disturb the normal and optimal flow in your energy and body. This gives place to the flow of energy that is healthy and connected to you essence, supporting your optimal functioning and manifestation.

4-Unconsciouss beliefs about your body that are self-destructive cause all kind of negative effects like allergies. In this section these are addressed and gradually taken out and replaced by new energy that is supporting your body and health.

5-Your connection to Creator is the essence of you being, it is really who you are. But often we don’t feel this connection and experience alienation from who we really are. This is the root cause for many diseases. Therefore in this part of the music we address this by releasing the misaligned believes about feeling disconnected from Creator and replace these with the believe and feeling of deep connection with Creator.

6-Here you are embraced by an warm energy that looks like a ball of purple pink warm and loving light from Creator. It is around your intestinal area and digestive tract and gradually it spreads out into your entire body.

7-In the process of releasing and opening up every time new layers show up. Each of these layers holds other kinds of believes and energies that have a negative non-supportive energy for you. So here we address your feelings of disconnection in a new way to resolve this on other levels in your body, cellular memory and your energy system. You are supported by new and aligned energies that help you to feel being connected to Creator

8-In fact being created by Creator you are an actual extension of this consciousness. So feeling being that is really connecting to you divine Essence. Most of the time this feeling is covered with many layers of negative experiences. Son in the music these are addressed and replaced with the believe that of being an extension of Creator on the earth.

9-In this track your breathing system is supported with a green light like peppermint flowing through your lungs, throat, nostrils and breathing system. It goes to the top of your head, opening up your sinuses, ears and your total head.

10-Your entire body is wrapped in a ball of light, receiving energy like clean air. This energy is very bright and pure and raises the frequency of your energy field and physical body. This energy is absorbed through your skin and integrated in your cells and organs.

11-This last part of the music is deeply integrating all the energies and connections your received. You absorb, integrate and anchor the Light from Source into your body and in your human expression.


1-Relaxing, creating a sacred space and setting the intend                            4:30

2-Light from source flowing gently and gracefully through your body              6:10

3-Cleansing, healing and relaxing light                                                                       8:08

4-Opening, releasing and replacing old energies                                            3:10

5-Cleansing and supporting deep feelings of connectedness with Creator      9:40

6-Warm and loving light of Creator gradually spreading out into your body     5:50

7-Embracing your connection to Creator                                                         3:54

8-Feeling to be an expression of Creator on the earth                                     1:35

9-Opening light flowing through your breathing system and head                   5:20

10-Your entire body is a ball of light, receiving energy like clean air              6:36

11-Absorbing, Integrating and anchoring Light from Source into your body    3:10