M27 Diabetes, Glands, Thyroid, Weight


M27 – Supporting the Release of Diabetes, Sugar Levels, Glands, Thyroid and Weight Problems. This graceful music translates universal energies and consciousness that supports you in releasing root causes related to a variety of problems and diseases such as weight problems and diabetes.



We hold all kinds of beliefs as to: 1) How our body functions and what it should look like; 2) What diseases “are” and the assumptions that “we cannot reverse diseases such as diabetes” or that “you gain weight when you get older” will be addressed and released in a gentle and lovingly way. We will undo the influences that tell us what we believe our body should do as well as assumptions and created evidence that we are suppose to manifest certain conditions. Beliefs that we gain weight when we grow older are also address. We will replace these beliefs with the deep understanding that you can “Create” your own reality and manifest anything you want, even in your physical body.

The tracks translate these energies in various ways.

1. This piece will support you in relaxing. Through deep breathing you can help your mind in quieting, being open and in the moment, to allow this graceful connection and healing experience. This music also brings the energy of the intent for this healing.

2. Light from Source flowing gently through your body, connecting you to the Source in the center of our universe, and the core of the earth. This pure light raises your vibration, and supports your feeling of being connected.

3. In this part of the music, healing Divine light is flowing through your heart and your body. This light has a high frequency that will be recognized by your body as its innate memory of its healthy state. Your cells open up and release lower vibrations and misaligned beliefs. It will gradually and gracefully adjust itself to this higher energy and start functioning in a new way.

4. This part of the music supports you in releasing confusion about being human. These kinds of beliefs are building up in the collective and also in your own experience, mostly in the sub- conscious part. Also beliefs about sexual identity can be very confusing and have a deep impact on your health. These are surfaced in this part of the music and gracefully replaced by a new energy that helps you to experiencing your divinity in human form.

5. In this part the releasing of confusion about the feminine aspect in your body is addressed. The human sexual identity is kind of strange for your essential Divine being that is pure consciousness, so these human experiences can cause confusing beliefs. These energies will be replaced by new and aligned energy that serves your optimal functioning and healthy human expression.

6. Your Divine essence manifested in your physical life is an expression of Christ energy. The human Jesus manifested and embodied this energy in his life. In this part of the music, unconscious fears of manifesting the Christ Like energy you hold on to, will be addressed. Especially manifesting the Christ Like energy in a female body can be a confusing element. These unconscious beliefs are surfaced as dots of energy and replaced with new pure and clean energy that is aligned with your higher purpose.

7. In this section, the fear and belief about not able to embody the Christ energy due to your blood chemistry is released from the blood, lungs and heart.

8. Deep unconscious fears and beliefs block the healthy flow of energy in a body. So in this part of the music the releasing of fear and belief of not managing your blood chemistry is addressed.

9. In this part releasing the lack of trust to create your reality in a healthy and aligned way will be released. This old energy will be replaced with the energy that allows you to create your reality with the divine flow from Source that comes straight into your body.

10. The belief that no one is going to support me in manifesting my Divine Being is part of the history of humanity. Humanity in the past millennia has been disconnected from the Universal Source and lost the feeling and the experience of being a Divine Being in a human expression. old energies will be released and replaced with new aligned experiences and reconnection.

11. Another human issue is the personality. This experience is different than being your full divine identity and essence. In this section the fear and belief of letting go of your human personality for achieving full mastering and manifesting my Divine Nature will be addressed.

12. The feeling of having human imperfections has a strong impact on your health. It makes you small and fearful and brings low energies and vibrations. Releasing these beliefs is very purposeful. In this part of the music, the blocking energy that “I am not ready to let go of my human imperfections” will be replaced with the feeling that “I am ready to embody the Christ energy”.

13. In this last part, you will be embraced with grace and Love to feel that you are a manifestation of Unconditional Love. There is no separation of your physical self and the Spirit Energy of the Divine Mother. You are wrapped in Love and Connection.


1. Relaxing, creating a sacred space and setting the intent. 3:24

2. Light from Source flowing gently through your body. 5:30

3. Divine healing light, flowing through your heart and your body. 4:12

4. Supporting the feeling of being human. 3:16

5. Supporting energies for your human identity. 2:46

6. Embracing your manifestation of Christ Like energy. 2:51

7. Supporting your embodiment of Christ energy. 2:59

8. Supporting your blood chemistry. 4:36

9. Energy for trust and to create with the divine flow of Source. 2:12

10. Receiving the energy to feel supported manifesting your Divine Being. 2:02

11. Mastering your human condition and manifesting your Divine Nature. 5:32

12. Loving energy to feel and be ready to embody the Christ energy. 5:27

13. I am a manifestation of Unconditional Love. 8:52