M29 Depression, Anxiety, Sadness


M29 – Releasing Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal Thoughts and Collective Sadness. This loving and gentle music translates universal consciousness and energy that supports you on a very deep level in reversing the root cause of depression, exhaustion, chronic anxiety and suicidal thoughts.


This music will help you in releasing misaligned energies, thoughts, attachments and entities from your energy field and physical body and space. The music holds you in an embracement of trust, connection and grace so that you can absorb these healing and comforting energies and its deep consciousness in an easy and loving way. This energy supports the realignment of your energy field with higher frequencies of Source and reprograms your perception of your physical reality. It brings you in a state of quietness, serenity, trust, and renewal, so that you can have more clarity and direction in creating your reality and human life.

The energy unfolds through the various tracks.

1. This music supports a deep relaxing, helps you in creating a sacred space and setting your intent.

2. In this part Light from Source is gently flowing through your body to the earth and back from the earth to Source.

3. This energy supports you in letting go of sadness from the heart; every cell is opening letting go of your old energy and of the human collective.

4. The energy in this part of the music is supporting you in releasing old beliefs and a sense of heaviness form the heart and chest due to the collective sadness.

5. In this track you are helped to detach from the unconscious negative feelings from the collective sadness in the chest.

6. The release of sadness and belief of “not being sure what to do with my life” is released from the stomach and replaced with a new belief that “I can create what I want”.

7. In this track you are helped with energy that supports the releasing the fear of failing and not fulfilling my divine contract. These old energies are replaced with a new deep relaxing vibration and good feeling so you can accept who you really are and start living in perfect balance.

8. This part is helping you in releasing deep sadness and beliefs from the digestive system that “I am behind in my purpose and Divine Plan”.

9. This part supports you in releasing energies from the digestive track that are related to the need to compare yourself with others.

10. The energy in this track helps releasing and replacing sadness and beliefs that your physical life is a mistake and it is too hard to life on the earth.

11. Your body is filled with crystal light that helps it cooling and calming down. It supports you in the integration of this universal vibration in your entire body.

12. A very calming and stabilizing crystal light structure is surrounding and centering you. It supports the releasing of misaligned feelings and beliefs.

13. In this last track you receive the support to hold a crystal like vibration of pure Love. You are also holding this for the whole planet and humanity.


1. Relaxing, creating a sacred space and setting the intent. 3:49

2. Light from Source flowing through your body. 4:14

3. Opening up to let go of old energy. 1:50

4. Releasing old beliefs from the heart and chest. 2:52

5. Detach from the negative feelings. 1:32

6. New energy, releasing sadness and replacing old beliefs. 2:31

7. Receiving new energies for accepting “who I really am”. 4:00

8. Releasing the sadness and belief that “I am behind in my purpose and Divine Plan” 2:48

9. Releasing the need to compare myself with others. 2:04

10. Releasing sadness and negative beliefs about my physical life. 4:21

11. Your body is filled with crystal light integrating Universal Vibrations. 3:14

12. Calming Crystal Light centering you. 14:54

13. Holding a Crystal like vibration of pure Love. 3:30