M30 – Releasing Self-Destruction


M30 – Supporting the Release of  Self-Destructive Patterns. This music brings the energy and consciousness that addresses the deeply-embedded subconscious patterns of self-destruction that keeps you from moving forward on your higher path.


This music brings the energy and consciousness that addresses the deeply-embedded subconscious patterns of self-destruction that keeps you from moving forward on your higher path. These patterns can lead to all kinds of self-destructive diseases and energies that block your flow and creative potential. They also cause long durations of illness and lack of connectedness with who you really are. This music supports the reversal of the individual and the collective self-destructive belief systems and patterns and replaces them with a new energy that is aligned with your higher awareness and spiritual growth. The consciousness and energy in this music also deals with the conscious and subconscious discomfort, resistance, insecurity and fear of your own physicality, being in human form and this human condition.

This music translates various energies and supports you in different ways.

1. The music starts with relaxing, deep breathing and creating a pure protective sacred space around you. Also the intent for this calibration is set – supporting the release of deep unconscious self-destructive patterns from your body and energy and through you, you are also supporting the collective and the earth.

2. In this track, you are sitting in ball of Universal Light of pure Love and receiving Love and Light from the Universal Source as a rich and pure flow of connected light and energy. It flows slowly and gracefully through your body and raises your vibration on contact.

3. This track of music provides you with a strong, pure energetic sacred space that holds the energy of your Divine Self. As energy, you expand so that you are connected to the earth. All that you heal is also healed in the earth and in the collective of humanity.

4. This music helps you to release deep sadness and feeling of self-destruction. These feelings and energies are related to the millennia long disconnection of the earth and humanity from Source. In your cells the energy and remembrance of this separation is stored and through this part of the music it gently surfaces and is transmuted. Just allow this to happen and feel yourself being released from many unconsciousness fears and traumas. The consciousness in the music will gradually support you in releasing these energies. This part of the music supports you in releasing the energy and frequency of separation and helps you in bringing new light of Connection to Source and the Future Consciousness. This new energy is filtering through the earth Grid, which is a massive Universal geometric structure around the earth, holding the Universal Consciousness and future evolution of all on the earth.

5. This part of the music addresses the deep, mainly unconscious experiences of being manipulated. These old forces caused a programming by which humanity also became manipulative. This energy is now released and will soon be gone. These old deep programming’s will surface and be transmuted into pure loving and connected energies.

6. This music helps you to go even deeper and release and transmute more self-destructive patterns in a very gentle and graceful way as you receive streams of new loving energy.

7. In this track, misaligned old energies of destruction will be expelled through Zero Points. These gold and white energies are transmuted into pure new energy that hold the connection to Source.

8. In this part of the music, feelings of “being lost”, “I don’t count” and “being a nobody” are deeply engrained in your sub-conscious experience and cellular memory will be addressed. Feelings such as “my life serves nothing” and “this is the end of my journey” are addressed and will be transmuted into deep loving frequencies and beliefs that hold the connection to your Divine essence and Creator.

9. This graceful and loving music brings deep healing energies of Loving Universal beings that are called by various names. You don’t need to know who those beings are and what they do exactly, just feel the very graceful and beautiful presence and support. Their nature and consciousness is purely aligned with your Divine nature. The presence and supportive energy of the Divine Son, Archangels and other Divine Beings will be around you. This all is merged together and creates a beam of light, reprogramming the misaligned memory of self- destruction.

10. In this soft and gentle part of the music you are supported to share these new frequencies with the earth. By being merged with the energy and consciousness of the earth – this exchange takes place.

11. The last piece of music is the energy of returning Home. You are in the energy and consciousness – merged with the Divine Father at the center of this Universe – and you bring this energy to the earth through you. The energy and connection is of loving who you are as created at Source, and this energy holds all of the promises and frequencies of your being and of the future of the planet.


1-Relaxing, creating a sacred space and setting the intent. 4:08

2-Universal Light of pure Love flowing through you. 1:16

3-Connecting to your Divine Self and to the Divine Blue Print of earth. 3:04

4-Receiving new light of Connection to Source.  8:10

5-Replace old patterns with pure Universal Love. 2:28

6-Receiving energies for deep Self Love. 2:03

7-Transmuting destructive energies into pure Light.  5:53

8-Calibration with energy that supports you in Self Love. 4:57

9-Receiving Divine energies as a beam of reprogramming light. 9:00

10-Receiving and sharing universal frequencies with the earth. 1:28

11-Merging with the Divine Father and bringing this energy to the earth. 12:40

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