M31 – Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, Eating


M31 – Supporting the Release of Addictions: Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, Eating. This music is holding deep releasing energies for all stages and forms of Addictions. It translates the consciousness that supports reversing the programming related to alcohol, smoking, drugs and addictive eating.


Supporting the Release of Addictions – Alcohol – Smoking – Drugs – Eating (M31)

This music is holding deep energies supporting you in the releasing of an addiction or forms of addictions. It translates energies that support you in reversing the programming related to alcohol, smoking, drugs and addictive eating. It brings new energy and frequencies that supports you in rebalancing your system and focusing your intent to embody you Universal essence in a complete new way and expression.

1-The music begins relaxing, quieting and supporting you in creating a pure and protective energetic space around you. Also the music helps you in strengthen your intent to heal and especially transform addictions and all related energies.

2-The next piece of music supports you through different qualities of healing and cleansing light from the Universal Source. This light is very pure and holds very high frequencies. It starts flowing through your head and goes through your body, through your feet and gradually into the core of the earth. From the earth there is a response of Source energy flowing up through your feet, back through your head, and then it goes to your heart filling you completely with Love.

3-This part is supporting you in releasing your (un)conscious negative beliefs about addictions and how they take over your body and your decisions. Every thought and emotion you have has a creative power. This also holds true for negative thoughts and beliefs. Each of those beliefs and thoughts become stuck in your system. This music supports the deleting and undoing of this. Using this music can help you to gradually start new and be free of this old programming.

4-The next piece supports the releasing of negative beliefs and guilt about not resolving your addiction and your need to hold on to the addiction. Guilt and feeling of failure are low energies that hold you back. Releasing these makes the way free for your innate healing potential and your innate powers to be aligned and free from any controlling influenc

5-This music supports you in releasing of deep feelings of not belonging and deep unconscious beliefs about having problems with being human. Often these deep unconsciousness feelings and traumas are the root cause for all kind of symptoms like addictions. These beliefs are stored in the cellular memory of your body.

6-This part holds you in loving light form Source supporting healing and repairing of your body and energy field. Through resonance and calibration the light energy supports your innate healing qualities to become stronger so that your healthy energy and nature gradually will become the default setting in your life.

7-You are enveloped with energy that supports the releasing of confusion about “Who You Really Are” in this physical body and of being a human. You are helped to replace gradually these misaligned energies with new energy so you can be more open to receive Love from Source helping you to embrace your human expression with Love.


1-Relaxing, Sacred Space and Intent (M31)   3:02

2-Universal Light Filling you With Love (M31)  9:50

3-Releasing Negative Beliefs (M31)   4:02

4-Releasing Energies (M31)   8:03

5-Releasing Misaligned Feelings (M31)   5:58

6-Light form Source (M31)    5:09

7-Energy supporting to be “Who You Really Are” (M31)  12:26


One Track version

Supporting the release of Addictions – Alcohol – Smoking – Drugs – Eating  (M31)  48:48