Ringtones & Signals – Divine Mother Consciousness and Energy


These signals en tones translate and hold Divine Mother energy and Consciousness. The Divine Mother energy is the Breath of Creation and holds you in a deep loving embracement. These tracks are very suitable to be used in your alarm when wakening up in the morning, and as a signal or ringtone to remind you to your deep universal essence and Spirit.  You will receive these ringtones in mp3 (and in aac and m4r as a zip-file) so you can easily use them on any device.



These ringtones support you with high frequencies and universal connection. On contact these sounds cleanses, protect, raise your vibration, connect you and have pure beneficial effects. Each time one of these ringtones sounds you are supported in raising your frequency.

How to Transfer  Ringtones to your Phone?

  1. From your MFS account download the Ringtones m4r zip file  to your computer and unzip them by clicking on.
  2. Install and launch Phone Transfer tool. Phone Transfer allows the transfer of selected media files like videos, photos and ringtones. …
  3. Connect iPhone and Android phones to computer. …
  4. Click “Start Copy” button to begin transfer process.
  5. Select the ringtone you want to use, you can select different for different persons calling you.

on youtube you can find all kind of supporting clips that show you how to install custom ringtones on your Phone.