The Portal of Light 1: Connection, Trust, Forgiveness and Peace


This music is specially composed to support a process of graceful transitioning. It is intended to assist in letting go of old energies and opening up towards new and aligned consciousness and energy. Transitioning can be shifting from an old phase into a new, and transitioning can also mean going through a process of terminal illness and dying.


The Portal of Light 1: Connection, Trust, Forgiveness and Peace. This music is specially composed to support a process of graceful transitioning. It is intended to assist in letting go of old energies and opening up towards new and aligned consciousness and energy. Transitioning can be shifting from an old phase into a new, and transitioning can also mean going through a process of terminal illness and dying.

Our nature is pure consciousness and before incarnating we choose to have a human experience in a physical body. Transitioning is the phase of leaving this human experience and body to return to our original state enriched with the experiences of our human life. Due to the fact that in most cases we don’t know what to expect, we are confused. We don’t know who we really are and have no sense or feeling of support and guidance. This music holds universal energy and consciousness that is innate of your true Being. Your Spirit Self is the part of your Spiritual Essence that is most closely connected and present in your human experience. This music is helping you to expand to your Spirit Self and to your Connection to the Source in the Centre of our Universe. By using this music you start to resonate with your Spirit Self and with Source and are assist to open up to Divine Support. Intend in using this music to let go of blocking energies, misaligned frequencies and believes that hold you back in your process and ask for support for a graceful and peaceful transitioning.


  1. Protection and Purification  9:50
  2. Connecting to Source  10:46
  3. Waves of Light   9:22
  4. Release  7:25
  5. Trust     8:20
  6. Purity     5:30
  7. Inner Guidance    7:20
  8. Forgiveness     6:15
  9. Surrender      5:45
  10. Inner Peace    7:50
  1. Protection and Purification. The energy in this music brings quietness and provides a pure and clean space around you. The energy flows in wave of loving energy through your body and your physical energy field and physical environment and supports you in experiencing a pure loving space. It holds away all information and frequencies that don’t belong to your unique consciousness and that are not aligned with your highest purpose, your Universal Self and your Connection to Source. Just imagine being in a pure loving ball of light that is 3 meters around you and holds you gracefully and lovingly.
  2. Connecting to Source . In this music a deep and warm flow of pure light from Source is reaching and connecting you. Source is located in the Centre of Our Universe and is pure Unconditional Love and Divine Light. Source is the essence of all that exist in our Universe, it is the consciousness and energy that creates and sustains all. It is your place of birth as a Divine Being of light; your essence is pure consciousness. Intend through this music Source light and energy embracing you and flowing through your body and energy. Ask it to support you in letting go of old beliefs, energies and thoughts and to be in the moment.
  3. Waves of light. This music is like a slow movement of gentle warm waves of cleansing light. It is like breathing, relaxing and caressing you on all levels. Ask to receive energy to supports the opening up of the cells in your body so they can let go of old energies and receive a new pure and loving vibration. Ask the energy in this music to hold you in a sphere of letting go of physical discomfort, pain, and the feeling of human suffering.
  4. Release. This spacious music supports you in feeling expanded. Ask it to help you in opening up to the energy and presence of your Eternal Essence so you can let go of old stuck energies. Intend the music to embrace you with energy of pure liquid light, in which you can feel like floating and being carried in timelessness. Feel how this energy engulfs you in a slow and gentle way and ask it to hold you in a perfect alignment with your spirit Self and Divine Essence. Intend the soft and gentle shimmering sounds to bring releasing and reprogramming energies that lighten up the places that need healing.
  5. Trust. This graceful piece of music is bringing soft and gentle energy that loosens old stuck thoughts and energy from your brains and nervous system. Intend this music to open you in letting go of fears and your need for control and ask to enter into a state of deep trust. Ask the energy to hold your body in a pure and high vibration so you can integrate Source aligned energy that is holding the formulas of your Divine Nature. Intend the music to keep you in a very gentle and caressing sphere of warm presence.
  6. Purity. This quiet, bright and pure music supports a profound opening and serenity. It provides soft pulsating energies that flow through your body and support you in a loving way to feel pure and free. Ask it to liberate you from energies that lower your frequency in an organic and graceful way. Intend to be brought into a state of silent bliss, feeling of freedom and tranquility.
  7. Inner Guidance. Ask to feel the support of your inner guidance through this music. Intend to connect in a graceful and loving way to your Spirit Self. This is your Higher Self that and your Spiritual Essence as a human being. Feel how this music helps you in experiencing this presence and support that is holding you in this phase of your human experience.
  8. Forgiveness. Intend through this music to receive pure and bright waves of energy that release old patterns, thoughts and beliefs. Ask it to bring a sphere that helps you in getting clarity and purity so you can open yourself completely to higher support and energies. Intend to be held in a bright, clear but quiet energy that flows through your body and energy field and your environment.
  9. Surrender. This music addresses the releasing of deep fears and confusion of being wrong and afraid of making the wrong choices and not knowing where to go if you let go of convictions. These fears translate into an attitude of control and wanting to be right in such a way that you don’t have an open mind and open heart to follow your inner guidance. The fear of not knowing who you are, where to go, why you are here and what you are really doing is compensated with holding on to all kinds of believes that block a sense of presence and openness. Intend in this music to receive the energy and consciousness that opens, releases on all levels fears and believes. Ask to feel a pure sense of self-love and trust in your Spirit Self and Divine Guidance so you can surrender.
  10. Inner Peace. The energy in this music is very gentle and soft. Ask it to hold you in a pure and soft embrace so you can let in a sense of trust to reach a state of deep peace. Intend to feel connected to your Higher Self and experience your timeless Divine Being while being in a physical human experience.