The Portal of Light II: Inner Guidance


This is the second album with music to support transitioning from the physical life and experience, back into the Spirit Life. It is made to be used during terminal illness and in care of dying. You can use this album and the meditations for yourself and also to support dear and loved ones.


This music translates universal consciousness and energies innate to your being. It embraces you with supportive energies, the presence of Divine Beings and Guides, to help you in feeling guided and finding your way in the spiritual realms of light. Just by playing this music the supportive energy and presence will be at your aid and gracefully calibrates you. The music holds a high universal consciousness and energy that opens your innate Divine energy and consciousness so it starts to resonate and gently awakens in your human experience and body.

  1. Opening to the Portal of Light   6:50
  2. Merging with your Spirit Self   6:22
  3. Angelic Presence   8:47
  4. The presence of your Spirit Family from Source   6:37
  5. Christ Presence   7:26
  6. Divine Mother Presence  10:14
  7. Divine Father Presence  4:58
  8. Opening up to the Heavens  10:05
  9. All is Well  14:30
  1. Opening to the Portal of Light This graceful piece opens you to the energy of Source. Source is the essence and heart of all of Creation and is the presence of the Divine Father, The Divine Mother and The Divine Son. Opening to the Portal of Light and connecting to Source raises your frequency and makes your more sensitive to experience your inner guidance. Intend gentle Source Light and Love to flow into your body and energy field. Ask it to protect your space, raise your vibration to a higher light frequency. Intend that your innate Source connection is strengthened and your memory of your Divine Home and Essence awakens in a gentle and graceful way.
  2. Merging with your Spirit Self The energy and consciousness translated in this piece of music is as a soft blanket of pure and loving light. It supports you to open yourself to your Spirit Self. Your Spirit Self is always present and watching over you during your physical life and human experience. Your Spirit Self connects you to your Divine Being. Intend to open up to your Spirit Self and ask to raise your vibration and start feeling deep peace and love. Intend to be connected and feel embraced by your Spirit Self, ask that your journey will be filled with joy and love and will be enlightened by its presence.
  3. Angelic Presence Angels and Light Beings form Source are supporting you always and especially during your process of transitioning. The presence of angels can be more tangible and more easy to be experienced by using this music. This music is as an energetic and consciousness calling for these Beings of Light and a support for you to open up more easily to their aid and presence. Angelic and other light Beings from Source help you to find your way in the worlds you are entering. They guide you in finding your way and continuing your journey.
  4. The presence of your Spirit Family from Source Your Spirit Family from Source consists of beings that are related to your Divine Essence. They hold the same formula as you and fulfill the same kind of functions as you as a being in Creation. Your Spirit Family is always consciousnessly and energetically connected to you while you have this earthly experience. They support and guide you. This music opens you to their presence and helps you in integrating the guidance you receive telepathically. During the phase of transitioning they support you in letting go of the human body and transcend into your Spirit Self and continue your journey.
  5. Christ Presence Christ embodies the unconditional Love of the Divine Father. His presence opens and fulfills you with liberating Light. All heaviness, fears, sorrow, sadness and despair will be softened by his pure presence. Intend this music and consciousness to hold you in His pure presence so you inner Christ light will awaken. This music holds you in his Love and consciousness so you feel embraced by his Peace and Guidance.
  6. Divine Mother Presence This music opens you for the presence of the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother is the breath of Source which is also deep inside your body. Intend this music and its energy to open each cell in your body for the Love and presence of the Divine Mother so you can completely merge with this Love. Ask this warm Divine Caress to hold you in a stream of warmth and tenderness, and to guide you.
  7. The Presence of the Divine Father Your Divine Father is your Creator. You are emanated through his Love and intent. You are a unique expression of his consciousness. His presence is the essence of who you are and his embracement is supporting you in merging with your eternal Divine Essence. Intend to open yourself completely for the presence of the Divine Father and ask to be completely immerged in his Infinite Love and Guidance.
  8. Opening up to the Heavens This music opens the Heavens, filled with warmth, peace and love. The inner guidance is present and waiting for you to embark on your next journey and experience. Your connection with your Spirit Self and your Divine Creator is pure Light and Love and supports you to surrender. Intend to let go of all remaining energies that block you. Ask to be supported to enter your journey into the heavens. Ask to feel the inner guidance and Love that is around you.
  9. All is well This music surrounds you with the energy and peace that what ever happens, all is well. You are being held in the wisdom and love of your Divine Being and the Creator. Intend that all experiences that you had as a human and that other had through and with you, are all embraced by the Love of Creator. The persons that stay behind will continue their human life and experiences. Intend to feel deep trust that all is purposeful and is held in Love so you can start your new journey and new experiences.