Universal Love – CD


This is the physical CD of Album MFS-2 – This music helps you to powerfully and gracefully cleanse your energy fields, physical sphere and to create a strong and protective sacred space. It brings you powerful light, sound, geometry and universal consciousness. It holds the love of Creator for all of his creation.



You can easily absorb the energy, consciousness and frequency of the music and experience this deep and powerful connection whenever and wherever you play this music.

Album MFS 1, 2, 3, and 5 are also available on physical CD for 30 euros plus shipping. If you would like to purchase CDs, please email me through the contact form

Short Descriptions

1. 1600 Light This is a musical piece that brings you the energy of 1,400 to 1,600 Hz. galactic light frequencies. It supports your alignment, clears and heals. Through your intent you can bring this sound energy to any place in your body or energy field and let it implant its qualities in that area.

2. Connecting to Nature 2   
This piece provides light and sparkling planetary connective energy. It holds fresh and clean water drops, flower-like energy, which allows you to harmonize with the planetary manifestation of plants, animals and the time-space expression of the divine.

3. Divine Mother and Cleaning Energy
   Soothing, calming, cleansing and refreshing energy waves hold your space while the high sparkling tones clean and refresh your energy fields and the windy tones help expand and rejuvenate. The floating tones bring in the quality of Divine Mother energy. The music goes in and through you in a very loving way.

4. Sun Love
  This piece brings the pure and bright energy of the Sun, filling your space and holding it in a high, clean and brilliant sphere of pure love. The energy wraps around you, expands you and opens you up to a deep galactic connection.

5. Divine Mother Connection
  Floating and grounding harmonies expand through space, holding a quiet and gentle energy that has a cleaning and refreshing quality. During the music, the quality of grounding energy deepens and brings you a feeling of expansion that allows your spiritual essence to manifest.

6. Galactic Cleaning Energy
  This soft, pulsing musical piece with the sound of gentle bells and sparkling light vibrations cleans and opens your cells for galactic connections and divine information.

7. Cleaning Protection and Spirit Lineage Connection
  This piece of music brings a massive amount of cleaning and protective spirit family energy and connects you very strongly with your divine lineage. The deep tones and gong are grounding and quieting while the high tones loosen and clean blocks and attachments, which remove clogged-up energies. The cleaning and protective power of this piece is very strong. When you are feeling clogged-up by low frequency energies, just bring this music into your energy fields.

8. Universal Zero Point
  The deep sounds of the gongs and the silence following it hold your space for being in a perfect zero point energy. Distracting influences are eliminated and you are brought into stillness and balance.

9. Divine Son Three Presence  
A piece with large and sovereign energy sounds holds the space for the activation of your divine blueprint and physical manifestation. The deep grounding tones hold you in time-space manifestation while you are being calibrated on a universal level.


  1. 1600 Light (OML-P02) 4:10
  2. Connecting to Nature 2 (OML-P04) 8:01
  3. Divine Mother and Cleaning Energy (OML-G01) 5:17
  4. Sun Love (OML-G03) 7:41
  5. Divine Mother Connection (OML-G04) 3:45
  6. Galactic Cleaning Energy (OML-G05) 3:00
  7. Cleaning Protection and Spirit Lineage Connection (OML-U02) 8:54
  8. Universal Zero Point (OML-U04) 4:59
  9. Divine Son Three Presence (OML-U06) 3:43