Energetic Hygiene – 7 week course

Energetic Hygiene

Like you have a physical body that you keep healthy, clean and vital so you have an energetic body system and fields that needs attention. One of the most important things is keeping it clean, aligned, vibrant and high in vibration.This 7-week course is created to support you practically in being aware of various aspects of your energy, your energetic space and your energy. Using Music from Source and your awareness and focus can be beneficial.

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7 week content

This practical course supports you in 7 weekly episodes to purify your energy, keep your vibration high and expand your consciousness. The 7 week period starts when you subscribe. Each next lesson becomes availeble after a week (when you finished at least all video’s once). Each episode has a theme that focuses on the direct experience of your own energy and consciousness. Practical daily use, step by step and with a tangible energetic result.

Week 1 – Energetic Cleansing with the Light Shower from Source

This first episode brings you an way to activate a strong and pure cleansing energy which I call the Light Shower from Source. You learn to activate with the support of Music from Source this energetic flow and let it flow through your body and energy field. You focus your intention using visualization to invoke the Source Light Shower and the intelligence of your Higher Self will support you in releasing all that is ready to be released.

Week 2 Cleaning your physical environment energetically

You explore the energetic distortions in your house and physical environment. Using a specific Zero-Point technique invoking Source Energy supported by Music from Source you learn to cleanse the space. This is very relevant because energetically you are influenced all kinds of old energies and collective programs that are floating around. 

Week 3 – Your Sacred Space 1

Your Sacred Space is a sphere of light around you of about 1.5 meters. It is an expression of the “physical energy of your Universal Essence. This is the purest and most original energy of your Being of Source – your Divine Essence. The physical energy of your essence is an expression of the form power in the universe. This energy is your ability to translate your consciousness into a physical body. Your Sacred Space should be pure and clean and contain only the energy of your Higher Self and Source. In this week you learn to discern what distortions and blocks are in your Sacred Space and you start using and learning a cleansing method we call “The Revolving Door of Light and Sound” to take out all misaligned energies from your Sacred Space.


Week 4 Your Sacred Space 2

In 4a, we focus on a method for further purification of your Sacred Space using a Zero-Point from Source with the music. A zero point is a magnetic center of cosmic energy. Zero points exist in the super large and the microscopic, of a gigantic center of a universe – the Source – and galaxy system to a minuscule zero point in a cell or much smaller.

In 4b you learn to discern attachments and energies form other people and entities in your Sacred Space, and learn a method to take these out, supported by Music from Source and your Higher Consciousness.

Week 5 Deleting old Thoughts

Thinking is an important activity of the personality and a creative energy. It is an expression of the Cosmic Mind. In your spiritual awakening, it is important to open your mind to the wisdom and creative intelligence of our Higher Self. Thoughts with a low vibration, with unconscious energetic patterns of fear, confusion, separation, worry etc… disrupt this flow. Therefore we focus on erasing distorting, old mental energy, thoughts, thought patterns, images, beliefs etc…. which no longer serve us.

Week 6 – Silence your thinking

In order for your Higher Consciousness to resonate optimally in your human consciousness, the stillness of your human thinking is important. The stillness of your thoughts cannot be realized by coercion, but by allowing, observing and patiently accepting that gradually the thinking can silence itself.

In this week’s exercise, you will work with the breath, observing and letting the thoughts flow away. The sounds of Music from Source are specifically designed to support you in silencing your thoughts, aligning your brain and centering your heart. 

Week 7 – Aligning your mind channels

You have three mind channels. These are three light tubes that naturally connect your human consciousness with the greater consciousness of the Earth, the Milky Way and the entire Universe. The alignment and activation of your mind channels is important, Every meditation “Connecting to Source” is an automatic alignment of your mind channels. However, it is also important to specifically and consciously experience and activate your mind channels. After all, through your own experience and intention you create in a very deep and conscious connection and your mind channels connect you to the intelligence and information of the greater whole of which you are part. 


Each week a new theme

Each lesson with its topics is created in such a way that you can practice its theme in the guided meditations with music during one weekn(and of course after that you keep full access to it). The next lesson will be automatically acceseble the next week, after you finished all video’s of the previous week. In this way you build a strong basis for that topic.

Introduction video

Each class starts with of a short introduction of 5 to 10 minutes.After completing this introduction you get access to the guided visualization with music. We have set up each lesson is such a way that you watch first this clip before getting access to the Music with guided visualizations.

Guided visualization extended

After the introduction video, you get access to the guided visualization with music. In this you can experience the energy and consciousness. Also, it supports you to get gradually used to working with this tool and these energies. The music plays an important role in holding you the energy and connection.

Short version of the guided visualization

After you completed the guided visualization you get access to the short version (some classes don’t have a shorter version). This version is to be used in between and after gained anough practice. It makes it also possible to combine various short visualizations with music to longer meditations with building up a specific energy and connection.

Download MP3

For each lesson, you can additionally purchase a download version of the guided meditations and/or the music only. You will find a button that leads to mp3 in each class.



Meditate sitting straight

It is advised to meditate and do your connections sitting on a chair. The reason for that is that the energy can flow through feet into the earth and to the planet’s core. And so your unique universal connection can be shared with the planet and benefits all.



Use a good headphone

To have a good energetic and sonic experience it is advised to use a good headphone on connect your computer to a good hifi-audio system.



Discipline, diary and reflection

To build momentum in your energy it is advised to regularly meditate so your body and psychological mind set get used to a certain discipline. It is a well-known fact that your body starts to get used to a new discipline in 3 to 4 weeks and then it starts supporting you in maintaining a certain behavior. But it is important to keep up with this practice as soon as you let go this supportive behaviors starts to change again. Also discipline can help you raising your vibration easier, and keep it more aligned.

Therefore keep a diary, make a note when you meditate. Preferably each morning after taking a shower and before going to bed. 

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